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Jerky Galore Treasure Gift Box

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Looking for the perfect gift for the jerky lover in your life? Look no further than the Jerky Aficionado Treasure Box! This great gift box comes packed with 10 delicious and unique flavors of Righteous Felon brand jerky, including:

  • Maryland Monroe - Beef jerky
  • Ancho villa - Air dried beef biltong
  • O.G. Hickory - Beef jerky
  • Nelson Mandilla- Beef Biltong
  • Baby Blues B.B.Q. - Beef Jerky
  • Truffle-O Bill - Beef Jerky
  • Darth Garlic - Biltong
  • VooDoo Chile - Beef Jerky
  • Victorious B.I.G. - Beef Jerky
  • Fowl Capone - Turkey Jerky
Whether they prefer beef jerky, South African biltong or turkey jerky, they're sure to find something they love in this diverse and flavor-packed collection. It's the perfect way to let them indulge their meat jerky habit in style!