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Kobi Yamada Deluxe Treasure Gift Box

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The Kobi Yamada Deluxe Treasure Box is a must-have for fans of best-selling author Kobi Yamada. It includes three Kobi-signed books - "Maybe," "Trying," and "Finding Muchness" - plus two plush, stuffed animals representing characters in two of the books. These books are touching, inspirational, and full of hope, and they're perfect for kids and adults alike. The Treasure Box is a great gift for anyone who could use a little extra encouragement in their life.

Maybe - You are the only you there ever has been or ever will be. You are unique in all the universe. Just the odds of you being here at this exact place and this exact time are so great and so rare that it will never happen again. This is a story for everything you will do and everything you can be—for who you are right now and all the magical, unbounded potential you hold inside.

Trying - This is a story for anyone who has ever felt like a beginner, or had doubts, or worried they weren't good enough. It's a story for those who have experienced the pain of trying something new and not having it turn out as they had hoped.

Finding Muchness - What is muchness? And how do you find it? Muchness is the full-hearted abundance of hope, joy, and imagination that each of us has when we come into this world. Over time, as we take on more responsibilities and worries, our doubts and fears have a way of growing with us. And because of this, we can lose much of our muchness. This little book is about finding it again.

The Kobi Yamada Deluxe Treasure Box contains:
  • "Maybe" book
  • "Finding Muchness" book
  • "Trying" book
  • "Maybe" book companion Plush Pig
  • "Finding Muchness" book companion Plush Duckling